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The Dog Lovers

A place to talk about dogs

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talk about Dogs!

Welcome to The_Dog_Lovers!



The_Dog_Lovers was founded with the hopes of a community full of people who love and want the best for dogs. Responsible ownership is encouraged and supported here. If you don't want to provide the best for your pets or be open to others advice, then this may not be the best community for you.

We welcome all stories about dogs! Pictures are also very welcome here! Please be considerate of others and when posting multiple pictures put them behind an LJ cut. Please share with the community stories about your dogs and life with dogs. We know these are really the main reason any of us join communities. We want to see the "kyooote puppiez," hahaha!

Please feel free to join the community, post and comment. This is not a community dedicated to health care, while it can be a question here, the internet is never a reasonable substitute for an actual veterinary opinion. Discussions are encouraged! Just remember, it is ok to disagree.  It is when the realm of resonable discussions and interactions are surpassed, that I may just have to just wear my mod hat and put the smack down. Just remember to keep respect a priority and hopefully I will never have to be the "mean mod."

I am genaruthp and I am the maintainer here. I am currently "mom" to Lucius who is a golden mix. And this spring we got a new puppy named Cassiah. She is a sheepdog/australian shepherd/chow mix.I live and work in Eugene, Oregon. My background is in education, so while I enjoy dogs and am constantly learning, I am not an expert. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions through this community or through my email genaruthp@livejournal.com.

Rules to Remember:

1. This is a community about dogs! Please post about your dogs! Just remember to use an LJ cut when posting pictures. Introductions are encouraged!

2. Remember when posting or commenting that discussion is allowed. But remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Be respectful. If it gets out of hand, I will step in and resolve the situation.

3. When advertising other communities, please keep it dog related. No spamming (ie. joining, posting, and then leaving). Your post will be deleted.

4. Leave the drama to your mama. If you are here to troll or cause drama, you will be banned.

5. Do NOT disable comments. If you don't want people to respond to what you write, you shouldn't post it here. And doing so may get you banned.

6. Mostly, just remember to have fun! This is a great community!


Remember, it is all for the love of dogs!


Here are some communities I find enjoyable/useful:

spo_prevention: This community is great for asking nutrition, behavior, minor health and care questions.

doghealth: Another good community for questions.